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Sport and exercise based research in sportswomen has not kept pace with the exponential rise in participation. This means that performance, training, nutrition guidelines are largely based on research in men.


It would be naïve to assume that all research in men can be directly applied to women, given the anatomical, physiological and endocrinological differences between the sexes. As such, sportswomen will benefit from sex-specific research and guidelines, which consider the effects of women’s physiology, such as the menstrual cycle.

If you want to get involved in bridging the gap in research related to the female athlete then please check out the study opportunities below.

If you're researcher and want to advertise your study on this page, then please get in touch using the details on the contact page.


Open for participants.

"Registering the profile of the reproductive hormones of the female athletes at the time of their non-contact ACL injury".

Running Race

Open for participants.

"The effects of the menstrual cycle on running adherence and training".

Image by Edgar Castrejon

Open for participants.

"Nutrition behaviours, training habits and COVID 19 social lockdown in the UK: A study of adult female athletes.".

Friends Who Work Out

Open for participants.

"The effects of menstrual cycle phase and oral contraceptive use on the recovery from a lower body circuit training stimulus.".

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