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Female Climber

Change the narrative for women's health & performance. 

Sport and exercise are for everyone... aren't they? 


Society has probably led us to believe that women and sport don’t mix. But with rise in the number of women participating in exercise, from physical activity to elite sport, our understanding on how to optimise health and performance in sport and exercise must also increase. 


However - generally speaking - there is a lack of awareness, evidenced-based education and support surrounding women's health and performance in sport and exercise, with topics such as the menstrual cycle to hormonal contraceptives, alongside, breast health, pelvic floor health, pregnancy and the menopause going relatively under the radar.


At the period of the period we are on a mission to change the narrative for women in sport and exercise, by promoting awareness, increasing evidence-based education and providing support to sportswomen as well as the coaches, practitioners and researchers working with them. 


Bringing awareness to female athlete specific performance and health considerations which have previously gone under the radar.

These include:

  • The menstrual cycle (and its associated irregularities/ dysfunctions such as amenorrhea, REDs, female athlete triad, heavy menstrual bleeding etc.)

  • Hormonal contraceptives

  • Breast health including breast biomechanics and sports bras

  • Pelvic floor health and incontinence, prolapse and dysfunction

  • The pre- and post-natal return to sport period

  • The time around perimenopause and the menopause

  • The adolescent female athlete 

  • Injuries and other medical conditions impacting female athletes

  • Female specific nutritional needs

  • The psychology of female sports performance

  • Sleep for sportswomen

  • Immune function and support for sportswomen


Awareness is essential.

But ... knowledge is power. 

And, it starts here with you.

We cut through the noise to deliver engaging and informative content - based on the current research - relating to the female athlete to allow sportswomen (and those working with them i.e., coaches, practitioners, researchers, parents) to make evidence-informed decisions for their performance and health in sport and exercise.

Research is the key we base this information on - however, sport and exercise based research in sportswomen has
not kept pace with the exponential rise in participation. This means that performance, training, nutrition guidelines are largely based on research in men. It would be naïve to assume that all research in men can be directly applied to women, given the anatomical, physiological and endocrinological differences between the sexes. As such, sportswomen will benefit from sex-specific research and guidelines, which consider the effects of women’s physiology, such as the menstrual cycle. To get involved in bridging this research gap today check out our 'Research' page.


We're all in this together, and everyone should be a part of this conversation.

Our community is open to sportswomen - whether you’re a recreationally exercising or active woman, or an elite-level female athlete.

We believe there a role here for everyone, so, this community is, of course, also open to those working with sportswomen including: coaches, S&C coaches, physiotherapists, sport psychologists, sports medics, researchers; and those involved in the governance of sport and exercise.

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