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Presentations & talks.

We team up with sports teams, universities and professional organisations to offer presentations and events specifically tailored to your needs. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

See below some of our recent presentations/talks.

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Cheltenham Ladies College.

'Supporting your sporty daughter: parents workshop.'

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SIX3NINE Personal Training.

'The female athlete: let's talk periods.'

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Ladies European Tour.

'The menstrual cycle and its influence on performance & training.'


“Kelly spoke with our team of personal trainers at SIX3NINE about the menstrual cycle and it's implications on training. It was fascinating learning about what is best practice and how we can better assist our female clients with their diet and exercise based on what phase of their cycle they are in. Kelly did a fantastic job of getting through a lot of complex content and was able to distil it down to easily understandable practical advice. I feel our team is in a much better placed to understand some of the issues that some of our clients may be facing and have strategies to help and support them. Kelly also provides some helpful additional resources which have sparked some great conversations between us and our clients on this important and too often ignored topic.”

— Ed Loveday, Personal Trainer at SIX3NINE

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